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Mermaid Costumes

pink mermaid

Pink Mermaid

Pink MermaidWith this strapless romper designed with iridescent mermaid fins, this one-piece costume shouts out a sweet ambiance. The fabric is made of nylon spandex for a comfortable fit. The fingerless, elbow-length gloves are a perfect match of the overall vibe of the costume. And adding a little creativity like picking the perfect necklace in your favorite jewelry stores will highlight that irresistible look. Who would've thought that you can mix sexy and cute together? Glowing like a princess on her 16th birthday, this dress sure can draw some attention and bring out the woman in you.

Pink Mermaid Back


Mermaid Jewel

Mermaid Jewel Costume

In for a beach vibe but tired of the usual two-piece swimsuit? Then this brightly colored two-piece mermaid costume is for you. Made of nylon spandex, it comes in a haltered tie top with a sea shell look, high shorts with zip-up back closure, and iridescent mermaid fins. Bringing the feels of the ocean breeze with this eye-catching dress is a refreshing way to celebrate a party. You can now enjoy dancing “Pearly Shells” while looking gorgeous.

Mermaid Jewel

Naughty Jewel Costume

Naughty Mermaid Costume

Feeling hot? Confident that you can sway the crowd with your looks? Check out this haltered tie top with a sea shell look and high shorts with zip-up back closure and iridescent mermaid fins. Made of nylon spandex, this two-piece costume should definitely be on the menu! If you have any ornamental jewels that match with the costume’s sexy approach, then you’re ready to party! This outfit is oozing with summer freshness that you can’t help but already feel the ocean breeze brushing through your skin.

Naughty Mermaid Costumes

Gold Mermaid

Gold Mermaid Costume

This one-piece costume made of nylon spandex is something you should try out. It includes a strapless romper with iridescent mermaid fins. For additional attractiveness, you can add the fingerless, elbow-length mermaid gloves. Get creative and add some cute jewelry pieces like a beaded necklace or dangling to nail this style. So, what are you waiting for? Own the stage and ramp that gold!

Gold Mermaid Costumes

Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess

A haltered tie top with a sea shell look, high shorts with zip-up back closure, and with iridescent mermaid fins, this two-piece costume is a great pick. The different tones of green bring out the deep ocean wonder. Made with nylon spandex and matched with fingerless, elbow-length gloves, you will definitely have the presence of a princess! Strut and feel them eyeing you in amazement. Be a bold and creative sea highness deeming with prowess.

Mermaid Princess

Dark Mermaid

Dark Mermaid

Like a premium tuna served in a golden platter, this dress will definitely be a hot choice! Made of nylon spandex, this one-piece costume is a looker. It comes in a strapless romper with iridescent mermaid fins. The fingerless, elbow-length gloves totally complement its dark demeanor. If you wish to grab some attention, this dress will do the glowing work.

Dark Memaid

 Poseidon's Daughter

Luminous purple and green in color, this two-piece is a catch. Poseidon’s daughter is designed with a haltered tie top with a sea shell look, high pants with zip-up back closure, and an iridescent mermaid tail. This costume also comes in different sizes. If added a pair of strapless, elbow-length mermaid gloves, you can truly rock that deep ocean presence. You can also adorn some of your hidden gems lying dormant inside your jewelry boxes. It's not all about looking gorgeous. You got to have some attitude, too! And becoming Poseidon's daughter gives you the power to rule all the sea creatures.

Seductive Ocean Siren

Seductive Ocean Siren

Claim the underwaters with this one-piece lace-up tube dress. The tail detail makes it more appealing, matched with the colors orange and gold, that gives a glowing effect. The poly-spandex fabric comes in many sizes of your choice. If you go to a party looking like this, men will be lining up to you. A queen has risen from the deep seas!

Sexy Sea Creature

Sexy Sea Creature is another lace-up tube dress sparkling with beauty. This turquoise and lime-colored costume is made of poly spandex. The mermaid tail detail gives that sea creature look. If you walked up looking like this, be prepared to be the talk of the night. It's not every day that a lovely sea creature decides to visit the land!

Mermaid Temptress

If you wanna put a spell and make everyone lock their eyes on you, this long dress brimming with seduction is a perfect choice! It has an attached padded shell top, and the fabric is made of nylon spandex. You can add some decorative headband to highlight the overall mood of the dress. Its deep green color is beautifully complemented with the purple top. Who wouldn't want to have that alluring look? Ursula will be jealous.

 Siren of the Sea

A lovely combination of gold and turquoise color, this costume made of poly-spandex is a hotshot. This two-piece has a fully boned corset back with lace-up detail, a mermaid skirt, and tail for an elegant approach. The way it is designed, you will definitely look like a diva of the underseas. Siren of the Sea’s vibrant color is pleasing to the eyes. It is also luminous and draws attention.

Sultry Sea Siren

Sultry Sea Siren

This golden-green mermaid costume is utterly seductive. The bra top shaped like a sea shell and sequin skirt is spitting with elegance, available in different sizes, and made of poly spandex. Although designed like a mermaid's tail, the slit at the front gives your legs a sexy curve and detail. Walking around while wearing this will provide that feeling of a princess lost her way to the human world. It is brooding with such passion and beauty that no one can resist.

Sultry Sea Siren

Underwater Beauty

Underwater Beauty

Can't decide what to wear? Why not become Ariel herself? This two-piece fabric made of poly-spandex is luxurious with colors. Ranging from gold and turquoise to nude and violet, it is designed like a bodysuit and mermaid skirt — a wholesome ocean sea creature feels! If Prince Eric happened to be there, he would fall in love with you again!

Yellow Mermaid

This strapless romper with iridescent mermaid fins detail combined with a pair of fingerless, elbow-length gloves is a pleasant sight. Want to spice up your aura? If you put some accessories for a more detailed look, this fabric made of nylon spandex can stir up some curiosity. Yellow Mermaid comes in a vibrant golden-yellow shade and sparkles your way to the crowd. If you want to stand out and turn heads, then this costume will do its thing. Seeing a golden beauty is a rare find, after all.



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